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Winter Newsletter

Winter 2008

  • High School Chairs Endow First Chair in Ophthalmology!
  • Cecile Moore-A Coin and A Confession
  • The Eyeball Express
  • Wanda Payne's Gift to Sight
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation Comes Through Again


Winter 2007

  • Ophthalmology Salutes Lion Dan D'Antimo
  • Faculty Spotlight
  • Research Report
  • Grateful Patient Advances Research
  • Dr. David Brian Stidham Memorial Grows
  • YOU make a difference!
  • Upcoming Events

Winter 2006

  • Renowned Retina Specialists Join the Department
  • Jeannette Russell Joins Advisory Board
  • Drs. Conway and Peyman Welcomed
  • From the Director
  • 3.5 Million NEI Grant to Expand Tohono O'Odham Vision Screening Program
  • RPB Career Development Award Supports Amblyopia Research
  • Research Report: New Research Space, New Vision Science Colleague, New Research Funding
  • New Development in Implantable Lenses to Enter Clinical Trials Outside U.S.
  • Eye Researcher Heads Physiology Department
  • Thank You, Dr. Brigatti
  • Simple Conversation Sparks Potential Glaucoma Treatment Breakthrough
  • Glaucoma Specialist Joins Department
  • Upcoming Events
Spring 2006 Newsletter Cover Page

Spring 2006

  • 2006: A Year of Change, A Future of Growth
  • Adieu, AMEU
  • Research Report: Approaching the Top 25 Nationally
  • Nights to Remember
  • New Development Liaison
  • How You Can Support Vision Research and Eye Care
  • New Clinical Faculty
  • Don't Miss These Upcoming Events!
Fall 2004 Newsletter Cover Page

Fall 2004

  • New Department Head: Dr. Miller Outlines Plans for Ophthalmology
  • From the Director
  • Dr. Miller Appointed Department Head
  • An Ode to My Eyes: Gratitude for a Gift of Colorless Sight
  • Department News: People on the Move
  • Dr. Miller receives Walt and Lilly Disney
  • Award for Amblyopia Research
  • A Clear Vision for Trade: Ophthalmology Department Considers Research Relationship with Canadian Firm
  • In Memoriam: David Brian Stidham, MD

Spring 2004

  • Early Treatment of Eye Disease in Premature Infants Prevents Severe Vision Loss
  • From the Chairman
  • "G" is for Glaucoma: Young Sleuths Work to Uncover A Silent Sight-Killer
  • Researcher Receives Research to Prevent Blindness Career Development Award
  • New Company to Develop Unique Retinal Camera
  • Nayaks Join Department
  • "Road Apple Roulette" Helps Eliminate Eye Disease

Winter 2003

  • Marmorsteins Join Southwest Age-Related Macular Degeneration Research Program
  • From the Chairman
  • Upcoming Events
  • Prescott Lions Clubs Host Eye Research Update: Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration
  • Opportunities to Support Vision Research
  • Our Mission is to Benefit the People of Arizona, the Southwest and Beyond
Summer 2003 Newsletter Cover Page

Summer 2003

  • Robert Park, MD, Sees Bright Future for Treating Retinal Eye Disease
  • From the Chairman
  • Clear Vision Ahead
  • Study Shows Leading Glaucoma Medication Significantly Lowers Eye Pressure
  • New Dry Eye Therapy Studied at UA Now Available
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • First Jorge Rodríguez Memorial Lecture
  • Road Apple Roulette
Winter 2002-03 Newsletter Cover Page

Winter 2002-2003

  • Brian McKay, PhD, Joins UA Quest to Cure Blinding Eye Diseases
  • From the Chairman
  • More Than Meets The Eye (Board Spotlight: Joan Brock)
  • Thomas Perski Receives Award
  • Imaging Technologies for Glaucoma
  • In Memoriam: Jorge Rodríguez, MD, MPH
  • Grant Funds Study To Help Understand Lazy and Crossed Eyes
  • Ophthalmology Donor Wall Unveiled
Summer 2002 Newsletter Cover Page

Summer 2002

  • Saving the Sight of the Tiniest Patients
  • From the Chairman
  • Never Give Up (Board Spotlight: Tom Perski)
  • Professor Richard Ober, MD, Receives Melvin Jones Fellowship
  • Eye Drops vs. Eye Patch in Treating Children's Amblyopia
  • UA Ophthalmology Develops New Optical Lens
  • Donations to Research Lead to Ground-breaking Discoveries
Winter 2002 Newsletter Cover Page

Winter 2002

  • Hispanics at High Risk for Undiagnosed Retinopathy and Glaucoma
  • Investigating Eye Growth in Native American Children
  • From the Director's Desk
  • Going Forward Means Giving Back
  • Current Techniques for Cataract Surgery (Science of Eye Disease Seminar Series)
Winter 2001 Newsletter Cover Page

Winter 2001

  • Unlocking the Mystery of Myocilin May Lead to New Treatments for Glaucoma
  • Dr. Stamer Receives RPB Award
  • From the Director's Desk
  • Going Beyond 20/20 (Science of Eye Disease Seminar Series)
  • Building a Better Place (Board Spotlight: Sandy Shiff)
  • Clinical Trials at UA Ophthalmology
Winter 2000-01 Newsletter Cover Page

Winter 2000-2001

  • Department Receives RPB Challenge Grant
  • USA Today Reports on Tohono O'Odham Research Grant
  • Giving Gift of Sight in Mexico
  • Dr. Lynn Polonski Joins UA Ophthalmology
  • New Tools for Screening Children's Vision
  • $6 Million ARMD Research Campaign
Winter 2001 Newsletter Cover Page

Spring 2000

  • From the Director's Desk
  • Basic Glaucoma Research Laboratory
  • Research Funding for Cornea Research Begins
  • Open House a Hit
  • Science of Eye Disease Seminar Series Begins
  • The UA Ophthalmology Department: A Resource for the Prevention of Visual Disability through Research, Education, and Service
  • Arizona Lions Eye Care is Officially Open!